Getting Started

How to play the game.


  1. Friends
  2. A copy of these rules
  3. Note-taking tools


Unless otherwise stated, the ordering of anything in this project follows: most to least important, from left-to-right and descending.

Key Terms

Game MasterThe person running the game
WorldThe setting played in by the Group
Non-Player CharactersCharacters controlled by the Game Master
PlayersThe persons who are not the Game Master
Player CharactersThe characters played by the Players
PartyThe Players and their Player Characters
GroupThe Game Master and the Players
SessionA single meeting of the Group to play the game

Basic Setup

  1. Designate one person as the Game Master
  2. In either order: the Game Master creates a World; the Players each create their own Player Characters
  3. The Group decides on the date and time for a session

Basic Gameplay

  1. The Game Master describes the relevant state of the World
  2. The Players engage in decision making involving both themselves and the World
  3. The Game Master describes the outcomes to the Players' decisions and the responses made by the World
  4. Repeat these steps

Game Master Fiat

The Game Master has the ability to define and override rules.

General vs. Specific

Specific rules override general rules.