Boldly going where many have already gone before.


Hello, Comma is a local community for creating and sharing with friends. Whether this is done through a session of a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, the lobby of a Rainbow Six Siege match, or a local meetup for a hobby – such as archery or sewing – Hello, Comma seeks to build and encourage our local community through friendship, interaction, and respect.

A Short History

Hello, Comma was created by Andrew Nguyen in 2017, but began as the MapleStory guild: Ray of Gods, in 2005 under different leadership.

A Listed Short History

NameYearGuild Master
Ray of Gods2005?
Athena Rising2006Kodswallop and Xenafreak
Claymore, Timeless, Soul Eclipse2008VietSushi (Kashinoga) and fairytalesx
Hello, Comma2017Andrew Nguyen